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Monday, 29 August 2016

Aquabeads Review #ad

This weekend we have been trying out Aquabeads for the first time. We invited a few people to try it out with us! My daughter absolutely adores any kind of craft, so she was very excited and eager to get going. My son was less enthusiastic, as he would rather be outside kicking his football. Truth be told, he was also concerned they were "just for girls" due to the packaging, but I explained that he could use them too and that we could make our own designs, as well as the ones within the packs.

Aquabeads party

Monday, 22 August 2016

Top 5 activities for the kids | Lake District

The Lake District is a fabulous place. We visit a couple of times a year usually. It's not too far away from us and it feels like a wonderful escape. These are my top five activities for children in the Lakes. Specifically young children (under 9 I guess), although any age can enjoy these!

1. Go Walking

In May we took our children up Loughrigg Fell, walking a circular route from Ambleside, taking in Rydal Caves on the way back. It was around a six mile route and it involved some pretty hard climbing. My daughter (5) went on my husband's shoulders for around two miles of the route, but my son (7) didn't struggle with the walk. I would advise going on a fine day as I can imagine that it would be a very slippery descent otherwise. Although it isn't a particularly high walk, the views are fairly spectacular. from the top.

View from Loughrigg Fell


Sunday, 21 August 2016

21.08.16 Silent Sunday

Legoland Pirate Show



Saturday, 20 August 2016

Losing you.

It feels like no time at all. 
I was so pleased to have you back in my life. 
To be able to tell you things about me.
For you to learn who I really am.
Rather than who you have been told I am.

I have always put my trust in you.

You have helped me. 
Built with me.
Together we are a team.
We work well.
There are so many similarities.

Friday, 19 August 2016

Your YouTube #83

Welcome back to Your YouTube, it's been a busy old week for me and we're still away on holiday at the moment (just). We head back home tomorrow but have had a great time visiting family, friends and even a trip to Legoland too! The video I have chosen this week comes from my co-host Lisa, who vlogged hers and her husband's ten year wedding anniversary trip on a barge on the Lancaster canal. It looked like such a relaxing way to spend a few days.


Monday, 15 August 2016

Walkers Bugles, tasty and fun!

Walkers Bugles are a new corn based snack which comes in three different flavours, sour cream and black pepper, cheese and Southern Style BBQ. They come in a fun cone shape, which also means you can do more than just eat them, you can play with them too! A multi-purpose snack!

Walkers Bugles

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Comfort Pure - A Tiny Dose of Love

You know that feeling when you slide into a freshly laundered bed, or put on a brand new dressing gown? That fluffy feeling, accompanied with a soft scent is one of the nicest feelings in the world, in my humble opinion! Comfort Pure sent me one of the most amazing things I have ever received, a cuddly toy made from a drawing my daughter did back in December. It was one of my daughter's first really expressive drawings, a parrot for my sister in San Francisco. Thank you Comfort, it's fabulous and such a precious memento of a wonderful drawing. We are going to treasure it, once we can get it back from our daughter!

Comfort Pure Dose of Love

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Baby Born Sister Doll Review #nationalsistersday

Today is National Sisters Day and to celebrate we have been trying out the Baby Born Sister doll. She's an interactive doll which thankfully doesn't require batteries. You can still feed her juice and also make her cry (by squeezing her arm). My daughter thinks it's hilarious that she can cry real tears and keeps making her spurt tears all over me when we play! It's been interesting to see my daughter play so well with the doll as recently she has sworn blind that she only likes "boylish", whatever that is! She does love imaginary play though and it's great to see her really losing herself in games.

Baby Born Sister Interactive Doll


Friday, 5 August 2016

Your YouTube #81

Welcome back to Your YouTube, which is on my blog again whilst Lisa makes her way slowly down a canal on a boat somewhere near Lancaster! The video I have chosen this week comes from Dave at The DADventurer whose face painting video with his daughter made me laugh out loud! I would highly recommend you have a watch.


Monday, 1 August 2016

July Month in a Minute 2016

July seems to pass in that haze of the last few weeks of school and trying to plan what on earth you are going to do without six weeks of school! July also saw my husband and I have our first couple of nights away by ourselves since before we had children. It was so, so nice to get away by ourselves and not answer nagging questions every three seconds! We've also seen the children's summer show at school, said goodbye to the wonderful head and also waved farewell to year two and reception. They're growing up! As well as getting away, I have continued with my running and have run 5k three times a week (until the school holidays started and now I am struggling for time). I'm so proud that I'm still running. I never thought I would. You can read more about my couch to 5k beginner tips if you like.

Have a peek at our month. It's flown by!

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