My son has just hit the 'terrible twos' and I am completely at a loss with him. Yesterday I even considered putting him on ebay but I thought I'd probably get bad feedback once they received him! Seriously, I don't know what to do with him. Yesterday the tantrum was all because I said it was time to put his pyjamas on - completely unreasonable behaviour from me!

I've never seen anyone get so angry. He ended up frothing at the mouth and I was scared he would have a fit. I tried holding him tight, sitting at the end of his bed, trying to reason with him, leaving the room. Nothing worked. It lasted 45 minutes. I ended up reading him 'No matter what' about a grumpy little fox whose Mum loved him 'no matter what'. At the end he burst into tears and gave me a hug.

Love that boy. Bring on tonight!