House nightmare

On Monday I think I glazed over the fact that a woman pulled out of our house sale (without telling us) in the week before we were meant to move. I feel I was rather blasé about it all. The reality is just starting to hit me and I really am utterly devastated. I feel sick and I can't eat. 

My son has been playing up a bit since Monday and it was only last night that my, very sensible husband, pointed out that this is probably because he is picking up on my stress.

I cannot comprehend how someone would pull out of a house sale and not tell either the Estate Agent or the vendor. Leaving us to carry on with purchasing a house and incurring needless and pointless costs all whilst trying to meet the very tight deadline our (ex)buyer set us. I really struggle to understand the mentality. Did she just think 'oh well, I don't like the house any more, I can't be bothered to let them know'. She has (obviously) been round our house, she can see (from the Moses basket and countless toys) that we have very young children. Did it not occur to her that we might be effected by this?

We only have two bedrooms and my husband and I have been sleeping on a sofa bed in the living room, thinking it was a short-term thing. Now we need to work out the logistics of our children sharing a bedroom (probably ours as it is the biggest). I also think I need to properly mourn the loss of the house we were in the process of buying. For that I think I'll need to start with chocolate and wine.

We have sent a strongly worded letter to the (ex)buyer and her solicitor and requested our costs back and I only hope she doesn't do it to anyone else. I have also (slightly) enjoyed reporting her to all the local Estate Agents. At least it has been a decent pre-Christening (for our daughter on Sunday) diet for me. Every cloud eh?