I have always had a deep rooted paranoid view of the World. It very rarely rears it's head, but when something bad happens, it springs up and surprises me.

This morning I found out that the buyer of our house pulled out of the sale three weeks ago. She failed to tell our Estate Agent, only telling her solicitor (who 'didn't think' to inform anyone else). Now, reason tells me that she the buyer an inconsiderate woman who doesn't think twice about messing people around (apparently this is the 3rd sale she has pulled out of in a matter of months). However, part of my brain runs away on a paranoid adventure. It has come up with the conclusion that there never was a buyer, the estate agents made it all up and then they tell us the week before we're set to move that it has all fallen through. All the different estate agents and solicitors in town are in on it and they are all laughing at us and thinking about what a great trick it was to play and how much money we've wasted pushing through our purchase to comply with our buyer's imaginary completion date.

Seriously, this is what I think in that part of my brain. I worry about that part. Why does it do it? Why do I create a situation which is so completely illogical and twisted? I don't think I want to hear any answers. Although maybe it is just because it is such an illogical thing to happen that it is the only way for my brain to get around the idea of it?

Whatever the story, I'm off to eat biscuits and drink tea in the vague hope this will make me feel better about not moving next week. Then I'll unpack the boxes.