Sleep Training

I read this today which made me feel guilty. There is no logic to feeling guilty at reading it. 

It is such a sad post. It is from the 'possible perspective of a baby' whose parents are trying controlled crying. Parents will try controlled crying. It is their choice.

I haven't tried controlled crying with my daughter but she sleeps in her own room at night and has done for the past two weeks (she's four and a half months). She sleeps through from 7pm - 7am (with a dreamfeed between 10 pm & 11pm). I am lucky. I have never left her to cry. With my son, I tried a routine with him when he got to four months. The first day, he cried for ten minutes. I sat at the end of his bed whilst he cried and I cried. After that, he didn't cry. He just slept.

Co-sleeping is a wonderful thing which I'm sure works wonders for some people. Once again though, I can't help but comment that our children are all individuals and this can't possibly work for all of them. It's another prime example of guilt-tripping parents. We have no chance. If I took all this information to heart think I would feel guilty forever. 

Happy, healthy, confident children, (wherever they sleep) are the way forward.