Turns out Postman Pat is not a very happy man.

I've been selling all my clothes on ebay because of the now cancelled house move and my two year old son and I went to the Post Office yesterday to post the twelve, yes, twelve parcels that needed to be sent.  My son loves a trip to the Post Office. Being two, pretty much everything is an adventure, and there's always the possibility of seeing Postman Pat.

Whilst we were in there it just so happened that our Postman Pat came in to collect the letters and parcels. On his second trip into the (rather small) local Post Office, he became aware that my son was humming the theme tune to Postman Pat. I thought this was quite cute but I appreciate that he is probably a little fed up with such occurrences. I didn't think it justified the response 'grr, that boy needs killing, I could strangle him', followed by a strangling action and a harrumph out of the door.

Luckily this washed over my son's head completely but I was actually quite annoyed with him.  The very same man is regularly seen, in his uniform, looking dishevelled and smoking outside the Post Office before he does his pick ups. So beware of Postman Pat - he's not as happy as he thinks he is!