Tuesday, 19 July 2011

You're not from round here...

To go back to the original title of my blog, the other day I was mid conversation with the man who owns the house next door (he doesn't live there) when he interrupted me and said 'you're not from round here are you?'. I responded with 'not that it matters where I'm from, I was born four miles away'. Turned out that we know some of the same people but I was still kept at arms length as I do not fit the local mould.

Seriously though, I struggle to understand this mentality. Why does it matter where I come from? Yes, my accent is not local but I really cannot change the fact that I moved down South with my Mum when I was 5. I moved back up when I was 21 and bought a house and settled down. I just don't understand why not having a local accent instantly singles me out as 'not right'. Maybe I have antennas on my head, green skin, or three eyes that I haven't yet noticed. Who knows...


  1. I relate to this as i moved up north from down south and because i don't have the local accent i get the "your not from round here" all the time.I feel out of place sometimes and get called posh!Ha little do they know that i am far from it! x

  2. I often get called posh and am definitely not! It does begin to grate a little though!


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