Home again, home again...

So tomorrow I head from bouncy Beacons to rustic Dales. The hills here are curved and almost sensual whereas the hills back at home are rough edged and weathered. I do love a good hill though! When I'm not near them I feel slightly exposed. 

If you ever get the chance to visit Brecon and the surrounding area, I would highly recommend it. We've had a lovely time and the boy has had a ball. The girl isn't really bothered where she is, so I'm not sure she's overly fussed by the trip, but she has enjoyed seeing her Grandma! There are so many different activities and countless things to keep little ones amused here. 

Today we went to Cantref Adventure Farm and, whilst we were only there for the morning, it was really fantastic (it did help that the weather was fabulous). The giant sledge ride is brilliant. Thank you very much to the staff for keeping an eye on the girl as I wouldn't have been able to go on it with the boy otherwise.

We have also been to Brecon Show, perfect size, very friendly and very family oriented. 

And the seaside isn't so far away either. My son didn't stop squealing with absolute delight for the whole time he was in the sea (about 40 minutes). The beach we visited was small, clean and safe, with activities for children to keep them entertained (if you could get them out of the sea first). We ate sand sandwiches and ice cream. My son also discovered that dipping his crisps in the sand was a delight.

Tomorrow will be my second most epic journey ever with two children (the first being the journey down). I'm hoping it will be ok. I have no sat nav either since my phone had a swim on the first day of our trip. Admittedly, the journey down was the first time I used sat nav but I already feel slightly lost without it! 

And we have found a different soft play centre to stop at on the way home. It can't be any worse than the last one, can it?