I love technology

I recently sent my phone for swimming lessons which I now realise was a mistake. My poor phone. It was desperately trying to send my husband a photo of two happy newly awake children two weeks ago whilst lying at the bottom of a sink full of water for two hours.

Without my phone, I realised how much I depend on it. That's not a good thing is it, to depend on a piece of technology. I had no sense of time (no watch, relied on my phone), I couldn't set an alarm to wake up (until I discovered the baby monitor had a cunning countdown timer), I couldn't check e-mails, facebook or twitter. More importantly, whilst in Wales with a broken phone, I had no phone numbers so I couldn't wish my best friend Happy Birthday or call people whose numbers I didn't know (I think I probably only know about 10 people's mobile numbers off by heart). I had to take a camera with me whenever I went anywhere, which was actually quite nice and gave our family camera many well deserved trips out. I also no longer had sat nav, and had to check maps and google before travelling.

I would like to say I found it liberating, but it wasn't. I missed it. I did however, not miss checking things whilst sitting at the dining table with my son (what kind of a message is that to him, yes, I love you but not enough to pay you my full attention) so it will be banned from the table now. In fact, I realised I could leave it out of my reach for a while and it was ok.

Also, no-one texted me (apart from my husband when he forgot I had no phone). I'm reassuring myself that this is because I told everyone I know that my phone didn't work and to contact me through facebook. That'll be why, I'm sure...

But I have a new replacement now, hurrah, hooray, yippee *skips around in a little circle* so my life is complete again.