My (childhood) life savings.

As a child, I collected things. Firstly aged 5 I collected woodlice. I kept about 100 in an ice cream box with holes in the lid. We used to make them do Lego assault courses at my Grandma's. This collection prompted my Mum to get us a cat, and get rid of the woodlice (by letting them run free)!

I collected little animal characters, stamps, trolls, toy seals, toy cats, badges and money.

I had 1p's and 2p's in a big tub, 5p's in an Orangina bottle, 10p's in a tube and 20p's in a taxi money box.

There was money stored all over my bedroom and I rarely spent it because I enjoyed collecting it too much.

So, whilst at my Mum's the other week, we went through my money collections which were slightly sparser than I remember. We bagged everything up and it came to the grand total of...£35. I felt a little disappointed that the childhood/teenage me hadn't spent it on something I wanted. Ultimately, it ended up getting spent on petrol and some shopping from Morrison's. I'm sure that wasn't my initial intention when I started saving!