Organix 'Mighty Meals' Review

The lovely people at Organix recently sent me a box full of goodies. Some for my son, who is two and some for my daughter, who is five months old. You'll have to wait for the review of the products they sent me for her as she hasn't started weaning yet. So I will start with my son...

We were sent the tomatoey beef bolognaise with butternut squash and pasta shells from the 'Mighty Meals' range. 

I have to admit, I thought the pack looked rather small, but once warmed and emptied, there was far more in the pack than I had thought. Certainly plenty for a growing two year old. 

The texture was good and could be easily managed by a younger child. It looked appealing and tasted good (yes, I had a small mouthful).

My son has been eating the same food as us since he was one and he sometimes finds these kind of meals a bit too squishy, but he tucked in. 

It is all manageable for a child to feed themselves and doesn't need much chopping. There are chunks of carrot, beef and of course the pasta. It was nice to find a meal where the food actually looked like real food. Often it just looks like mush!

I aim to feed my son organic meals and it was nice to give him a meal which was easy to heat up and took the pressure off me to make a freshly cooked meal at dinner time for once. 

The Organix range has a 'No Junk Promise'  which guarantees that their foods are safe, pure and nutritious and contain NO hidden nasties such as salt, starches and preservatives. You can give your child a meal knowing that what you are giving them is good for them.

As they say, the proof is in the eating...

...I think he liked it! 

I will definitely buy these in the future for those occasions when I don't have time to make a fresh meal for him.