Cheerleading. Ready, OK!

Am I too old to shake some pom poms?

In a few weeks (eek) I start University. I will be 29. Now this is probably 'fairly' normal but, I really, really want to be a cheerleader. I'm sure this is not normal. This could be because one of my favourite films is Bring It On (I know, I know).

Maybe I just want to be the image I have in my head of a cheerleader; thin, blonde with big boobs. Hmm. In reality, I would be the slightly podgy size 12/14 who stays firmly at the bottom, holding the rest of the skinny young things up.

Perhaps I need to give up on the idea of before I have begun. Potentially, I should remember my age. I'm sure there's nothing cool about being a 30 year old cheerleader. And, thinking about it, I've never been able to touch my toes!