Growing up.

We're on holiday in France at the moment and I'm taking a moment to write because it is too hot outside (sorry, but it is). 
The boy and I went for a short trip into the local village this morning to get supplies from the market and (his favourite) choose a pastry from the patisserie. As we got out of the car, I got the boy, his drink, his hat, his snack and his potty! I had one of those 'yes, I'm definitely a parent' moments when I realised I couldn't fit the travel potty into my handbag, so had to carry it. Whilst I clearly looked ridiculous, I felt strangely proud. My little boy is growing up.

He's been pretty good so far at potty training. We tried when we were at my Mum's in Wales about three weeks ago but it was a bit of a disaster and I thought we'd try it again whilst it's hot so he can have fewer clothes on. Whilst he's had a couple of accidents, he hasn't done a wee in his pants in a week. I had looked at getting a MyCarryPotty, but was advised against it (and they didn't respond to any contact from me on Twitter) so I just got a cheap travel potty instead, although we also bought one here which was three euros and is brilliant (I was going to leave it here but it's too good so we'll have to fit it into our bag somehow)!

Back to today, as we were approaching the market, the boy looked up at me and said, "I need a wee". As we were directly opposite a cafe, I thought it possibly wasn't the best plan, so found a car park and he plonked himself down. We got some odd looks. Perhaps because I brought a potty out with me, or maybe it's not the done thing here.

Once we were on our way again, I picked him up and carried him down to the market. He shrugged his shoulders, looked up at me and said "I'm happy Mummy". Then he paused and said, "I love you".