HiPP Organic review

We were sent a fantastic box of goodies by Hipp Organic for my daughter to review once she started weaning.

She turn six months three weeks ago, so we have got stuck in to trying out the products. First up was banana and peach porridge, which went down a treat. She loves this, and has eaten it for breakfast most mornings since. You can vary the consistency of it (I have never bothered with a purée consistency) and it can be made with just water which is nice and easy. The instructions on the box are clear and concise which is great when you're tired in the morning and don't want to concentrate too much.

She got well and truly stuck in - I'd forgotten how messy this weaning business is!

We have been trying a mix of baby led weaning and mashed food with her. She tends to have finger food with every meal. Her clear favourite of the jars of food was cheesy spinach and potato bake. An interesting colour both before and after eating!

The fruit pots are brilliant. We took some on holiday with us because they are so easy to pack. They are fantastic. Very tasty and even the boy who is two and a half enjoyed eating one.

The only thing I would say about Hipp Organic jars of food is that the ones which include tomato tend to taste very alike and tend to be very orange in colour. I'm not sure what it is which is in the jars but it's not a nice taste, quite bitter in fact, and my daughter didn't enjoy those ones. The exceptions to this, however, seems to be the gently steamed range. 

The succulent tomato and chicken ragout tasted different, it was nice, tasted very nicely of tomatoes and the girl wolfed it down!

I would highly recommend Hipp Organic baby food. The products are widely available in most supermarkets (and abroad too as we discovered on holiday). You know with Hipp that you are giving your child nutritious, wholesome, organic food which is incredibly important to me.