Thursday, 22 September 2011

Lumpy eyes

If you're squeamish, please don't read this.

My boy has, in the past six months had two large lumps in his eye. The first arrived when his sister did, a macabre celebration. It got larger under his eyelid and eventually popped, leaving skin hanging down under his eyelid. We saw the Dr and also the eye consultant at the local hospital who referred him for surgery to remove the hanging skin. Although this has now pretty much gone of it's own accord.
In the meantime, a lump which the consultant said was 'nothing' has grown underneath his eye and now it has also started to burst. I am not overly worried about the lumps, I've googled images and it seems to be a chalazion (a type of cyst in his eye). I just hope he doesn't continue to get them, because although it doesn't bother him, it looks painful and other children are asking him lots about it.

Tomorrow we have to go to the hospital for a blood test because the GP we saw last week thinks it's odd that he's getting them so frequently. I didn't think this was bothering me until I had a hideous nightmare last night about my son and needles. I'm not scared of having my blood taken, it really doesn't bother me but I'm extremely nervous about taking him to have his blood taken.

Any tips for staying calm whilst it is done would be greatly received.


  1. From my experience with taking my 5yo in for tests this year all i can say is make sure they use the numbing gel before they put the needle in... it does work with the pain.. And of course distraction is good, if you can do it that is..

    Good luck...

  2. @Frankie P Thank you. I've told him tonight what's happening tomorrow. Fingers crossed he'll be ok. I'll definitely ask about the gel. The main thing will be keeping him still! I've told him to freeze like they do on show me show me!

  3. I also have a lump under my eyelid its been a month since i got it and i still have it. i tried drinking an anti-biotic and some eye drops( still an anti biotic). does it really require an operation?

    1. He didn't have an operation in the end. We wash it in water every night and that seems to keep it at bay.

    2. aside from washing it every night, did he take some medicine or ointment, cream to apply on the infected part?

    3. Initially he had some antibiotic cream but we only put that on for a couple of weeks.


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