Friday, 16 September 2011

Taking life for granted

We have just returned from a lovely family holiday in France. We've relaxed, the boy is fully potty trained and we've spent time with my extended family.  All in all, a successful break and the longest (two whole weeks) for a good two years.

Whilst away, I was chatting to a member of my family who is the same age as me and single. It struck me that I undoubtedly take my life for granted. I met my husband when I had just turned 17 in my first job after leaving school. We were engaged three weeks after getting together, when I was 18. That was 11 years ago now and, whilst we've had our ups and downs like any couple, we are very happy and have two beautiful children. We've been married for over eight years and I often feel older in mind (not spirit) than my 29 years.

I met my husband when I had just moved to London. I was 17 and starting a new life. The absolute last thing I expected to find was someone to spend the rest of my life with. Whilst my friends were sitting their A-levels, I was planning my wedding and when they were at university, I plodded on with my career.

I never had to meet new people in bars or try internet dating. I didn't have to worry about ageing and not having found a partner yet. Or even getting older and worrying about whether or not I would have time to meet someone and have children. I haven't had to encounter any of the trials and tribulations of dating in a world where everyone shares their lives so openly on the internet.

As I write, I realise that I might sound smug and this isn't my aim. I am so lucky to have all these things and I generally take it for granted. The family member will find someone. She is attractive, young and enthusiastic. She has a good job and she is independent. So, I think it is important to cherish what you have. I know that in the future, I will take stock of what I have and relish it.



  1. I met my husband when I was 18, him 19, and we had ten years together before having children. We were able to travel the world and do so many fun things together before settling down.

    It's easy to forget, but I really do appreciate the time that we had together before children. If I were to be getting together with someone now, it would be a rush towards children, without that time as a couple.

    Thanks for making me think, and again I don't want to sound smug, I realise I really am very lucky.

  2. @Jennifer
    Yes, I think I appreciate more now that we had a decent amount of time to get to know each other before we had children.

  3. Yes it is so easy to take many things for granted. sometimes you do need to stand back and realise what you have and be thankful..


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