I'd love to go to Cybher - could you sponsor me?

Dear Potential Cybher 2012 sponsors,

I am in my first year of blogging and Cybher is having its first all-inclusive female blogger event in 2012. I would absolutely love to go, I feel I would gain from valuable insight and expert knowledge and opinions on writing a blog. 

I am a full-time mature student at university and I really can't afford the cost of attending. So, I am looking for a company to sponsor me. Hopefully this is where you fit in. 

How much do I need? 
  • £80 ticket for Cybher (increases to £100 after 30th November 2011)
  • £50 return train ticket, including underground (could be up to £100 unless booked early)
  • £70 overnight accommodation
Total required - £200 - £270 depending on time of sponsorship agreement

What I will provide for my sponsor?
  • Your business logo/badge included in a prominent position on You're not from round here, up to and including the 1st of July 2012. This can link back to your chosen website. Value – approx £200
  • Your business name mentioned and a badge (with a link to your website) in all blog posts relating to Cybher 2012. Value – approx £100 
  • An introductory post to my readers announcing you as the official You're not from round here sponsor with links to your website and details about your company. Value – £50
  • Four blog posts about your products on You're not from round here to be completed      throughout 2012. I am also happy to write reviews of your products if required. Value – £100 (£25 per post)
  • Tweets about your sponsorship of me to attend Cybher 2012. I will retweet any of your Company’s tweets which I feel are appropriate for retweeting. Value – £50.
  • I will be your Company’s representative at the Cybher 2012 conference, wearing any branded clothing or badges that you supply and informing other conference goers about your business as briefed by you - Value – you decide! 
Total - £500 of advertising, twitter and blogging exposure plus the value of having a mum represent your brand to others at Cybher 2012!

Please note that if you sponsor me as an attendee it is not equivalent to sponsoring the event. I can not distribute material at the conference on your behalf, and you should not expect to see any reference to the company on any Cybher marking and promotional items.
If you would like to be my sponsor, please e-mail me helpfulmummy@hotmail.com