A Lazy Sunday!

Yesterday we went to Betty's. If you haven't heard/visited, check their website out or pay them a visit. There are various different branches in North Yorkshire and I have never had a bad trip!

The staff are brilliant with children. When you arrive, small children are given a free bib and some toys to play with. Older children are given crayons and paper.

We went mid-morning for tea and cakes. The boy chose a fondant fancy and a hot chocolate, I went for hot chocolate and a chocolate tarte, the husband chose darjeeling special blend tea and a continental chocolate slice, the girl was allowed an apple flavoured rice cake!

In the afternoon we went out for a stroll as the weather was holding out.
The boy loves his buggy board and the girl loves being able to interact with him.
We took a trip along the canal and would have fed the ducks if we'd remembered to bring any bread!
Then the boy and I went exploring the many nooks and crannies around the canal.
We didn't find much - only Daddy and the girl at the top of the steps!
I was meant to go to the football with my Dad as a 'birthday treat', but given that I didn't support either team, I was quite glad I chose to spend time with my family instead. It was a lovely lazy Sunday.