Organix Savoury Pouches Review

We were sent some savoury pouches of food by Organix for my daughter when she started weaning. We recently went on holiday and I thought the pouches were perfect for taking abroad with us, because of their size I didn't worry about packing them in the luggage. They couldn't break because they are not glass, I just wrapped them in a bag in case they leaked (which they didn't).  The pouches were the first real food that my daughter tasted and she absolutely loved them.

She got well and truly stuck in and her absolute favourite was the Organic Sweet Potato, Cheddar & Courgettes. I have to admit that I tasted every one of the pouches and they really were delicious. Refreshingly, the food is actually the right colour, not just orange, and it also tastes of exactly what is in it. I tasted each of them and I thought they were delicious too!
The pouches are brilliant for popping in a bag and taking for a day out, or for fitting into a suitcase and taking on holiday. There is a surprising amount of food in them and will easily do a small child for two meals (make sure to keep them in the fridge and use within 24 hours though). There is also no mess as you just squeeze the food out of the pouch and into a bowl or, I would imagine, even straight onto a spoon. The food can be served at room temperature or warmed slightly.
My only concern about these is that I can't find them stocked anywhere. My local Tesco, Morrison's and Co-op do not have them in store. You can buy online from the Organix shop, and I think that might be my only option.

I would highly recommend the pouches for weaning your baby. There is a good range with a whole host of flavours and they are easy to use. Most importantly, though, you know with Organix that you are giving your child organic food with absolutely no junk in it.

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