And she's off!

So the girl has been crawling for exactly a week. She has picked up speed and absolutely nowhere is safe. 

So what? Surely you knew this would happen? I hear some of you say.

But the boy wasn't like this and I was completely unprepared for the fact that children could be so different! The boy was desperate to walk from about four months. By eight months he had got it, he cruised round everything but was happiest just standing up. He did learn to crawl, when he was fourteen months, he crawled for a week, having walked everywhere for the past six months. Then he gave it up, clearly a task he needed to learn how to do, but not one he wanted to waste his time on.

So, I was unprepared.

She's into everything. But mainly wires. The wires are clearly the best toy she has ever discovered. I can't leave her. The boy was nonchalant when it came to pretty much everything. Whilst he loved to walk and be active, he would happily sit and play with toys for a while. At least long enough to make a cup of tea or put the washing out.

She even crawls in her cot, with her sleeping bag on. I don't know how this is even possible. She was eight months old on Monday and I really don't think it'll be long before she's walking either.

It has been a delight to see her doing the things the boy was 'meant' to do, getting onto all fours and mastering the basics first, before flinging herself wholeheartedly into causing as much chaos as possible.
The boy thinks it's wonderful. "Can I chase her?" he asked gleefully when she picked up speed. I think he finally realises that someday soon, she may very well have something to offer his world, a playmate, conspirator and running buddy.

The cats cower under the dining table where they are safe. For now.

I have just one question. Where is the pause button?