Are you from round here?

If you're not, then I wouldn't bother running in our local elections. We have by-elections today and have been receiving canvassing leaflets for the past three weeks. The main thing that has struck me is that every single pamphlet we have received, without fail, has made a huge point of being from a long line of local people. I know these are the local elections, and maybe I'm missing something obvious, but does it really matter?

Yes, it's important that a local candidate lives in your area, but does it really matter how many generations back their local heritage goes? In the first paragraph of every leaflet, a point is made about how long the candidates have been 'local' for. Our liberal democrat representative was 'born here and comes from five generations' of local people.The conservative candidate has 'lived here all her life'. The labour candidate has lived here 'for over 30 years'. Entertainingly, our independent candidate clearly isn't from round here because all his leaflet says is that he 'lives amongst us'!

Is it just our area that cares so much about being 'from round here', or is this a nationwide phenomena?

As my husband pointed out, maybe someone who chose to move here because they love the area might actually have something to give too. Because surely, they are showing a huge love for a place by moving here.

Clearly though, we must be one of those families that 'lives amongst us'. I accept that we will never be classed as local (even though I was born here and some of my family live here) because our accents don't fit. I'm fine with this fact, if that's the way people want to judge us, then that's their problem and not mine. I can't actually help it that my Mum chose to move down to Oxford when I was young. Indeed, it was not my choice. In fact, I chose to move up here when we got married (locally) and have our family up here. But that will never be enough.

So, as far as our 'local' elections go, I don't care how long you've lived here and if your great, great, great grandparents lived here before. All I care is that you are going to represent my views on the local council, stick to your pledges and not lie about your expenses.