Greedy Charities

On Monday I was called by a charity, WWF, who I have given money to for many years. This was not the first time they have called me. In fact, they probably call three or four times a year. This isn't a problem in itself, I don't mind being contacted. However, what I do mind is being contacted to ask for more money on a regular basis.

I felt sorry for the woman on the line who stuck rigidly to her script. I learnt how the elephants are still in decline, apparently with only 40,000 still left in Asia. I learnt that they were planting chamomile around farmers crops because the elephants don't like the smell, so they don't destroy the crops. Mainly, I learnt that I am annoyed that I am being asked for more money.

I was asked to give £9 a month. Whilst this may not sound like a lot, and it probably isn't to most, having just started university, lost my salary and increased childcare with two children now being looked after, we start most months on minus money before we think of food, petrol etc. So I said sorry, but no. But that wasn't good enough. The lady said that she completely understood that I couldn't increase the amount to £9, but could I possibly increase it any further at all? I explained that currently they were getting money that my children could be getting, so I really couldn't give any more. 

The lady said she understood, but sounded a little annoyed. I don't know if she was on commission for each person she could get to give more money, but it certainly felt like it. At the end of the conversation, she said that she was working for a company who were being paid over £100,000 to carry out this job for WWF, but that they hoped to get over £1,000,000 in extra funds through doing so.

When did charities become so greedy? If I had extra money (or any money), I would increase the amount that I pay. But I don't. I want it to be my choice to increase any payment. I don't want to be 'encouraged' to give more, by friendly calls.

My husband gives money to a charity and specifically requested that they do not contact him further. The other day my he received a letter from that charity. They had written to him to ask if he still wanted them to not contact him!

Back to WWF and, I'm sorry to say, that the elephants will be getting nothing in the future. I'm cancelling my direct debit. I will decide whether or not to give money to another charity, or simply invest it in my children.

They do say charity begins at home.