Gumigem necklace review

I was recently sent a Gumigem necklace to review. The idea behind it, is that, when you have a baby, you are unable to wear the same beautiful jewellery you wore before. You may be concerned about your baby chewing on your necklace because it is unsafe to do so due to the chemicals or metals in it. A Mum who was having this problem came up with the idea for the Gumigem. It is a teething necklace!

Yes, you heard me right. A teething necklace. Not for your baby to wear, but for you to wear and your baby to chew if they fancy it! There is a fantastic range of necklaces. They look beautiful on you, but they are also beneficial for your baby.

I'll admit to being initially concerned that I would be encouraging my baby to eat my necklace and that she would then think this is fine and do it forever. However, my son used to chew on mine and my Mum's necklaces when he was smaller and he doesn't do it any more. So I can't really see why it would encourage them to chew every necklace. Also, once they are old enough, you can teach them not to chew necklaces, and go back to wearing your pre-baby jewellery. 

The necklaces are BPA, PVC, Lead, Latex and Phthalate free so are completely safe for your baby to chew whilst you are wearing the necklace.

It has a clasp at the back which will open if pulled tightly. It can be sterilised, so you can make sure that it is clean for your little one.

I was sent the Gumigem Raindrop Pendant - Luna. I'm a definite convert and I think this is a fantastic product. I got a lot of compliments whilst wearing the necklace. My daughter adores it and it kept her entertained for a good half hour on a train the other day! For further information, have a look at their website.