John Crane's new partnership

On the boy's Christmas list is a balance bike. I have been looking into them and one which stood out was this one - sold by John Crane.
I really love wooden toys and I was pleased to hear about John Crane's new partnership with Sevi, an Italian wooden toy specialist, who have been making toys since 1831. Great design and well made toys - you can't go wrong! So here are just some of the toys which will soon be available through John Crane. Our son would adore this guitar - he has a ukulele at the moment as it was the smallest 'guitar' we could find for him.
And below is a fabulous bright kitchen. These colourful toys are bound to be classics. I wish we had enough room in our tiny house for a play kitchen because the boy loves 'cooking' for us!

And finally, this advent calendar looks beautiful.
For further information, and to view other beautiful products, check out John Crane's website.

I found out about John Crane's partnership with Sevi through Blog Match.