A trip on the Santa Express

We were given the opportunity at the weekend to visit the National Railway Museum in York and take a trip on the Santa Express.

We got to the museum early which gave us time to do a bit of exploring! I love trains (there, I've said it). I always have and I used to love a trip to York when I was a child. The museum is fantastic for all ages and amazingly informative. 
The boy had a brilliant time running under the train carriage and watching the model railway!
Then we got to the entrance to the Santa's depot. 

There were presents practically bursting our of the carriages. Festive cheer and the odd surprise too.

The depot led us through to the steam train where we were going to meet Father Christmas. The boy was a bit giddy by this point. He soon calmed down when we went into the carriage and he saw lots of other children. He sat on his cushion and tucked himself up under a blanket. 

As the train set off, a story was told. The boy was a bit apprehensive of the man telling the story, but soon got into the swing of it and joined in helping out with everyone else.

 And then, the man himself. Last year we met Father Christmas and the boy cried and cried. So I was nervous. But I needn't have been. He loved him! He barely left his side and was still wishing him Happy Christmas from halfway down the platform on our way home! The price of a ticket is £7.50 for children and £5 for adults. This includes a present from Santa for the children (all good quality) and a hot drink and mince pie for adults.

We had such a great time meeting Santa. The interactive story was inclusive for all ages. I have to admit that I was a little bit excited too. I love Christmas! Yes, I know it's November, but Santa will be at the National Railway Museum in York from now until December the 23rd, so you can go and pay him a visit too. For further details, have a look at their website.

Disclaimer - we were given tickets to ride on Santa's steam adventure and free parking.