Weight loss challenge

I was inspired after reading a post by Ramblings of a Suburban Mummy about weight loss and I found myself offering to be her diet buddy. I'm not sure how this works, given that I've never been on a diet before! However, after two children, I find myself weighing more than I would like. I have joined the gym at Uni and I'm going at least two times a week, plus I'm walking loads during the day.

There have been three occasions when I have lost a considerable amount of weight. The first was when I was diagnosed with gallstones and needed to eat a very low/no fat diet until my gall bladder was whipped kicking and screaming from my abdomen. I ate 5g of unsaturated fat a day as my total intake. I think it's pretty similar to a Rosemary Conoley diet. It worked, but it was easy because it was for my health. the second time was when pregnant with my son. I was sick every day for twenty weeks and lost over a stone and a half! The third time was when pregnant with my daughter. Despite being on anti-sickness medication, I lost three quarters of a stone through being sick every day for twenty-four weeks.

Somehow, though, in spite of me losing weight whilst pregnant and weighing less once I had given birth than before I was pregnant, I end up piling on weight in the months following the birth. As such, I now weigh 72.8 kg or 11 stone 6 lbs. Ideally, I would like to get down to about 61 kg or 9 stone 8 lbs. So a total of 1st and 12lbs or 11.8 kg .I have lost about 5lbs in the past week which is ok but I haven't changed my diet at all. 

I am going to look at my diet seriously, try to cut unnecessary fat and sugar out, and continue with exercising. I don't think I'm going on a 'diet' as such because I'm fairly certain it won't last and I'll rebel against it. So, I'm just going to eat sensibly and up my exercise regime and see how that goes. I am also going to get the tape measure out and keep a record of exact measurements (although these won't be going on here!) because weight loss is fine but it'd be good to know where it's going from!

So here's to losing weight! If I find any good low fat recipes then I will share them here.