2011 - the year I started my blog

It's been a great year. I 'officially' started blogging in June, after a post in September 2009, I promptly forgot about the blog until the next year. I'm have found that writing is incredibly relaxing, that writing a blog is more than just writing (it's networking, meeting new people, writing reviews, and so much more), that being a mother of two children is bloody hard work.

So I thought, that as our year ends, and we welcome 2012, I would have a recap of my favourite posts from 2011. Here goes.

My favourite post - It's OK or Chips and Chocolate (I can't decide between the two)!

My most viewed post - Mr Tumble is...

My most controversial post - Are soft play centres good for our children?

The post I liked the most but was read the least - I don't want to

The post that took the most research - A life worth living

A post about not moving house - House nightmare

So here's to blogging in 2012. I'm hopeful that people will continue to enjoy what I write. I'm also looking forward to BritMums Live in June. I would also love to go to Cybher - if you'd like to make this happen, I'm still looking for a sponsor. See my post here.

And 2012 brings the start of a new blog for me. I am writing up my childhood diary. Not Adrian Mole by anyone's standards, but my very short take on five years of my life. You can find that blog here.

Hopefully, 2012 sees me properly finding my feet at university and feeling like I actually belong. I aim also to try to write posts in advance so that when I have essays/exams due there will still be something to read here.

I wish you all a wonderful 2012. May it bring you peace, hope and joy.