BabyCam Car Review

We were recently sent a BabyCam Car video camera to review. It is a wireless camera and video screen which goes in the car so that you can see your baby/child whilst you are driving. I have always just used a mirror before, but I have had problems with this falling off or moving around when you are driving.

The camera sticks to the window opposite your child and you can adjust it to get the best view. The small videos screen can be put on the windscreen. I put it on the front right, nearish to the wing mirror. It didn't obscure my view at all and it wasn't distracting. The video quality is good and the screen is clear. The battery life is good as well, lasting up to four hours. It has a charger too though if you are on a longer journey.

You can use it with or without sound. I chose without as I can hear them very well already. It also has a really handy night vision function - which we used at 4.30pm the other day. It's brilliant and you can see your child really clearly. This is especially useful at the moment when it gets dark so early!

You can also use this around the house, to keep an eye on children if you are in another room. The other day we used it to surprise my son by showing him who was waiting downstairs for him (aunts and uncles he hadn't seen in a long time).

My only criticism of the product is that I can't find a spot in our car where it can be mounted so that I can see both children. Admittedly, our car is a golf so it is pretty small and I imagine that you would not have this problem with a bigger car. Also, our son is still rear facing at nearly 3 years old, which would not be the case for most people.

Priced at £99.99 it is certainly more expensive than a mirror in the back of the car, but I really think that it is worth it. It's incredibly reassuring, easy to install and not at all distracting.

For further information, have a look at the BabyCam Car website.

Update: 23.10.12 - Since I wrote this I have moved house. Our new kitchen is in the basement and I have taken to attaching the camera in the living room and the monitor in the kitchen so that I can see what the children are up to whilst I am preparing dinner. We have also used it on most long car journeys. It is especially good at night, when it uses night vision so that you can see your children.