Born Free training cup review

We were recently sent a Born Free toddler training cup for the girl to try out. She's nine months old now and perfectly capable of drinking from a cup by herself. We were sent us a pink one, which is good because the boy doesn't seem to steal them from her when they are pink!

 The cup is easy to hold, although I wouldn't fill it full because then it's a bit heavy for a very small person. There is an inner valve which reduces the amount of air and prevents the need to suck too hard! The teat is soft and allows the water to flow freely.

The girl got the hang of it pretty quickly, unlike some other cups which she seems to suck and suck at but nothing comes out. The spouts are soft and great for teething babies (which is lucky as I discovered at the weekend that the girl has a tooth).

It easy to wash and although there are a few fiddly parts, it is very easy to re-assemble. Although if you are lucky enough to have a dishwasher then this is safe to go in it!

The most reassuring thing is that you know that with Born Free, their training cups, as with all other products, are BPA-free.

I would highly recommend this product to other parents with babies.

For more details, and to buy online, visit their website.