Christmas is coming!

Sorry for the short absence. This week has been manic. 

Uni has finished now, all my essays are handed in. I am so, so relieved that I've got through a term. I'm not sure I knew quite what I was getting myself (or my poor baby brain) into. So, I still need to get my head around it that I'm a student, but it's slowly sinking in.

This week the girl said her first proper word. 'Cat'. I missed it. Luckily my husband had the children that day so he took a wonderful video for me. She is now trying to say so many other things, including her brother's name. I think he is impressed.

The boy is getting properly excited about Christmas. To the extend that he couldn't stay in bed last night because he was so excited about seeing our Christmas tree. In the end, at 9pm, I went up to him, 'do you want to come down and see the tree?' I asked him. He nodded so I brought him down. His face lit up and his smile was magical. One of those really special moments. I carried him back upstairs and he fell asleep straight away!

I leave you with a (slightly rubbish) phone picture of our tree (before it was decorated by the boy).