Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas everyone!

We've had such a wonderful time travelling around family and friends. Although I have to admit I'll be very happy to sleep in my own bed tomorrow night!

My worries in my previous post were unfounded and my nephew was perfectly well behaved - well, he didn't ruin the boy's belief in Father Christmas. I was amazed at how well the boy played with his cousin, who is 7. The boy is 2 (nearly 3) and they played so well together. They ran round the house like loonies making roman solider outfits and generally being noisy.

We thought that seeing as the boy was having so much fun, we'd let him stay up late. An hour later than normal (8.30pm) we took him up to bed. It was a nightmare. It took at least 45 mins just to get him to stay in bed. Lesson learned for me!

The girl has been an absolute star, smiling at everyone she sees and being passed round constantly. She has also managed to grow four teeth in the past three days without much fuss at all. Very impressed with her. Not so impressed with her kisses, which now contain biting!

We've travelled to Leicester, South Oxhey, Watford, Oxford and finally ended up in Wales. It is utterly beautiful here and I wish I had a little more time to explore. I'm sure we'll be back soon though.

My husband headed home yesterday and the boy misses him already. I miss him too, although mainly because I miss the backup! We head home first thing in the morning, a day of travelling. I'm taking my Grandma back up with us and hoping she sleeps in the car because, whilst I love her dearly, I'm not sure I can take the constant talking for five hours of driving.

I hope you've all had wonderful Christmases too.