She has a voice!

The girl turned nine months old yesterday and, prior to Monday, had not graced us with so much as a goo, ga, ma, ba or da. Nothing. All she did was growl. Loudly! The kind of growl you make when chasing a two year old boy whilst pretending to be a monster. Which happens a lot in our house!

However, on Monday, she launched into her new repertoire with a huge amount of enthusiasm. Dadadadadadadadadadadada, bababababa, gagagagaga, (you get the picture). On Wednesday she added a machine gun staccato laugh (who knows where she got that one from). 

Now she won't shut up!

It's so nice to finally hear proper sounds from her. The boy is realising that she will be able to talk one day and, I'll be honest, I'm not sure he's very thrilled.

She's also getting everywhere. Her favourite thing to do is play with the cat's toy. The cats aren't so impressed though!

Her 'talking' is such a beautiful sound though, and it makes a real change from the growling!