Back to 'normality'.

So, technically I'm back to normality now. I started back at university on Monday. I was totally nervous about going back, I have no idea why. Not quite as petrified as in my post from Fresher's week. I think maybe it was just because it feels as though we've been off for so long. In reality it has only been a month. But it felt like I would have to get to know everyone again.

Of course, it has been absolutely fine going back. People are still friendly and it is nice to get my brain working again. The lecture theatres were packed today, unlike the end of last term when there were so few people there. In fact, I struggle to remember exactly when I last went to a philosophy lecture. My defence was that I understood logic more when I studied it myself. As soon as the, very intelligent, lecturer started talking I got confused!

I'm also really looking forward to getting back into the gym. I have definitely missed exercise over Christmas. I feel a bit podgy. The scales will tell me the worst when I go in (I don't have scales at home).

I still struggle to accept that this is my life for the next three years but I'm sure I really will get my head round it by the end of this year!

I have an economics exam next week, which is a slightly unwelcome return. Better get on with the revision!