Yesterday evening I had an exam. An economics exam. I prepared hard for this exam. I worked really, really, really hard. I mean it. I've worked so hard. After failing my last exam miserably and realising it was my own fault for not putting enough work in, I have worked hard.

I think you get the gist.

So, I prepared well, I made excellent notes. I understood the topics. I felt almost like I knew what I was talking about. Ok, so they hadn't prepared us all that well. We were given a mock test at 9.34pm two days before the test but no answers. The mock was pretty easy. I understood it.

At 5pm yesterday, I opened up my exam paper and nearly cried.

Yes, they warned us it was going to be hard. But seriously? I nearly just walked out.

I was so upset at the end of the exam. All that hard work and I couldn't understand what the questions were asking for. I answered them all but I have no confidence that anything I wrote down is right.

Then this morning, I got annoyed. How dare they set such a ridiculously hard exam? We all struggled with it and no-one I have spoken to thinks they have done well. What is the point in leaving us all feel completely demoralised? It's not beneficial to the department having a huge number of students feeling like they've failed.

At the moment I completely question my sanity for starting a PPE degree. I have absolutely no idea how I got on to this course or how I ended up doing economics. My maths teacher from school would probably wet herself laughing if she heard.

I hope I get some marks for putting my name on the answer sheet!