Thursday, 5 January 2012

Dumped by text

Have you ever dumped someone by text? Or have you been dumped by text?

I feel slightly ashamed to admit that I have done the former.

It was 13 years ago (had mobiles even been invented then?). I had been seeing the guy for two weeks. In which time I had learnt that he was unashamedly racist. He refused to get on the tube if there were people of any race other than his own in the carriage. This did more than shock me. I found his views to be abhorrent.

Hence, we only lasted two weeks. In fact, I'm surprised we lasted that long.

He once made me get a night bus which went near his house, even though it went nowhere near mine, meaning I had to walk a couple of miles home through London by myself at 4am. His 'house' turned out to be a bedsit in Cricklewood and it was also clear from early on that he really wasn't very clever at all.

I'll be honest, I was rather fickle. I only went out with him because he was pretty good looking and called Sean. Sean and Siân. I thought it sounded cute. I was only 17. I learnt!

So I dumped him. By text. When I was in a cab with my future husband (although neither of us knew that for a while).

He texted back. 'That's ok. As long as we can still be freinds'.
Spelling never was his forte.
I didn't hear from him again.


  1. That Is a bit extreme! I mean his racism. Yes I did dump someone by text. When Iet hubby I used to see someone else. First I didn't answer the phone and after I just text - leave me alone!

  2. I think, reading that, your ex deserved it!!!

  3. @sarsm To be honest, I think he did too. Completely my fault for going out with him though!

  4. I think you were well within your right to dump him by text message based on this situation! I have dumped someone over the phone before - by telling him that I fancied his best friends! He had cheated on me the night before though so I don't feel guilty! Thanks for linking up x

    1. It felt harsh at the time but I obviously don't regret it!

  5. a text was too good for him...haha

  6. Hah I have done that once, she wasn't a real girlfriend, more like a girl I was seeing who already had a boyfriend (She was at fault not me!) and I found a girl I could have a real relationship with so I text her to tell her I dont wanna see her anymore. Boom.


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