Exercise fail

Not an exercise fail like most. I haven't given up or stopped. I was just a numpty!

On Tuesday I arrived at the university gym ready and raring to go. Having not exercised properly over Christmas I was really looking forward to a really good gym session. I got undressed and put my new running leggings on. I was excited to try them out. I looked down and realised my schoolgirl error. No trainers.

No trainers.

Epic fail.

Just my boots. Admittedly they were flat and I did half contemplate wearing them in the gym but I knew if was pointless. What an idiot. Normally I wear my trainers there so I don't have a pair in the car or my gym bag.

Luckily, I delved into my gym bag and discovered my swimming costume. This wasn't my ideal option. I hadn't shaved my legs and I was slightly scared my bikini line would have people running from the pool. But I had no choice. I put my clothes back on and sheepishly left to the pool changing room. I pulled my costume on, making sure it was as low as possible on said bikini line. This did inadvertently flash a bit more breast than I'd normally feel comfortable with but everything was just about covered!

I jumped in the pool to start my leisurely swim. About four lengths in I overheard a lifeguard asking another to clear a couple of lanes for the Morecame football squad. A few minutes later the squad appeared wearing the most ridiculous outfits ever. Think 1901 male swimming suit but with loads of weights inside. At least I didn't feel alone in looking an idiot! 

Needless to say, a pool containing a football team certainly made me swim harder and faster than I ever normally would. I was properly out of breath and bright red when I stopped!

I did catch at least two of them having a cheeky peek at the extra flesh on show. Luckily my bikini line was underwater.

I'm going for another swim on Monday, having sorted the bikini line problem. I've also put a spare pair of trainers in the car for the days when I am more than stupid (I'm sure there will be more)!