Hipp Organic Stage 3 Food - Review

We were recently sent some stage three baby food by Hipp Organic. Having reviewed some of their products before, I was interested to see what my daughter would think this time around.

She has just started getting a bit fussy with food, so I hoped for the best.
We kicked off with the cheesy leek and chicken macaroni. 
She really enjoyed it. 

An empty bowl!

For pudding she had pancakes with apple sauce. I had forgotten about these. When my son was at this stage of weaning he had these too. In fact, we used to share a jar. If you haven't tried this before, I recommend you go and get a jar. It is absolutely delicious. 
Again, the girl loved it. She wolfed it down.

The next day she had the gently steamed Mediterranean ratatouille with gnocchi. She was a little slower to get going with this one, but once she'd had a few mouthfuls, she loved it. I liked that this had large chunks so that my daughter could grab hold of it.

The girl showing us she knows somewhere else to stick her fingers!

We were also sent a couple of packs of Little Nibbles to try. The organic squiggly corn puffs are large and easy for small hands to hold. I didn't think they tasted of much, but they're not meant for me. The girl likes them, as does the boy, and they're a great starter whilst you're heating food up. The organic apple and blueberry rice cakes are great. Perfect for taking out as a snack. Again, these have been great for both children, even at nearly three, the boy loves rice cakes.

I have to say that the stage three Hipp Organic food is fantastic and I will definitely be buying some more for her in the future. She really loved it and ate far more than she has done in ages. I highly recommend this stage of Hipp Organic food to other Mums with children from ten months upwards.

Disclaimer: I received all of the food shown above for my daughter to review for this post.