Where do you get your inspiration from? What makes you tick, makes you feel worthwhile or makes you want to go out and change something?

For me, my inspiration comes from a film. Legally Blonde. This is the best film in the whole wide world. Shame on you if you haven't seen it. I have probably watched it about twenty times. I have also seen the musical twice.

Slightly odd?
I am.

However, when I first saw the film, I felt that I lacked direction. I left school at 16 and although I had a good job (working for BBC sport at television centre), I was very aware that I had no A-levels or further qualifications. Legally Blonde touched a nerve in me. It does every time I see it. The film made me realise that I could be anything I wanted to be (yes, you can puke at this cliché if you like). But it really did.

From the age of 9 until 14, my teachers made me believe that I was stupid. I attended an all girls school (with the help from government and college grants). I hated it. I disliked girls (I was a tomboy who loved football), they were members of pony club. I needed encouragement to learn, not the forced learning environment I was given. Because I was not going to get straight As and because I played up and didn't do my homework, I was 'asked to leave' the school. I left with zero confidence in my intellect.

Not long after Legally Blonde came out, I started studying for an A-level in English Literature at Richmond Adult Community College. I did the whole A-level in a year and I got a B. I was pleased with myself. However, it took me a few more years of plodding along before I bought a house and encountered a solicitor for the first time. This made me realise I could try it too. I now lived up North, so I did AS level law at Craven College in Skipton. I got an A.

I then started working in a hospital for a Consultant Psychiatrist. He encouraged me to push outside of my comfort zone and study subjects that wouldn't normally appeal to me. I started studying Politics through the Open University, and then Economics.

So, when the opportunity arose to study full time at University I applied. I'll admit I applied knowing that the fees were going up this year and I couldn't afford to start now. I sent off applications to Oxford, Durham, York, Lancaster and Manchester. Why not aim high? I had nothing to lose. I ended up with unconditional offers from York and Lancaster. Not bad for a girl who left school with 9 GCSE's.

I'm not going to lie and say that University isn't hard. I really struggle with the two lives I'm leading at the moment. But I will get there. Like Elle Woods in Legally Blonde, I have learnt that I actually can be someone. Not just anyone, but someone successful and intelligent.

If I doubt myself, I watch the film. I guess it is my therapy. It gives me hope and reassurance. It's my comfort blanket. I'll admit that sometimes I even listen to the musical soundtrack in the car if I'm feeling down.

So, if you haven't watched the film, go and rent it or buy it. Don't be fooled by the cover. It's a great film. The musical is brilliant too. The film is deeper than you'd imagine. It will make you realise that you can achieve what you want in life. You are better than some people perceive you, and better than you think you are.

Find your inner Elle Woods and set her free. It'll be a lot of fun!