Wednesday, 25 January 2012

The Photo Gallery - My Photography Resolution

The Gallery - My Photo Resolution(s)

Inspired by Tara over at Sticky Fingers, I have made some photographic resolutions for this year. I have two.
  1. To take photos in a manual setting more often (no more intelligent auto).
  2. To take more pictures of me with the children (hello self-timer).
If you look at our family pictures you'd think I don't exist. But I do. So it's definitely time to rectify that!

This is a picture I took late last September which was one of my first attempts without using the automatic settings.



  1. That's a great shot! I love ladybirds.

    1. Thank you. It was one of the last ones I saw this year.

  2. What a fantastic picture. Good luck with your resolutions x

  3. Great colours and composition, love your profile picture too (the underwater baby) - how did you take this?

    1. The underwater picture was taken just with a disposable underwater camera (Kodak I think). It was in an outdoor pool and it was very bright which helped!


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