That's your job Mummy.

When the girl was born back in March 2011, the boy stopped feeding himself his tea. I occasionally fall foul of lazy parenting, and this was one of these moments. I fed him his food, and have done ever since (whoops).

So now it is more of a problem and, quite simply, I don't have time to feed everyone their tea. Obviously the girl still needs feeding, so the boy had to start feeding himself again.

We've tried gradually implementing this, by getting him to do half of his tea, but generally get fed up when it's taking ages, and end up feeding him again.

So, the other night I had some tidying to do, so I said he needed to eat all his tea by himself whilst I did some jobs. 

He sat down and tucked in. After about four mouthfuls, he exclaimed "Er, hang on a minute" (A la Justin's House). "This is your job Mummy". I struggled not to laugh out loud.

"Well darling, it used to be, but now it's your job because you're all grown up".