Saturday, 7 January 2012

Time for a tummy tuck?

Is it time for a tummy tuck? A couple of days ago, someone I am friends with on facebook posted asking if anyone knew if the NHS offer tummy tucks, or if they don't, how much one would be. This lady had a baby four months ago.

I posted that her best bet was exercise and a good diet but not to beat herself up because she hadn't long had a baby. When I looked at her status later, others had posted that if it was something she really wanted then she should save up, and that they cost about five grand.

Five grand. Five GRAND. That's five thousand pounds. To me, and I assume to most other people, this is a LOT OF MONEY. Sorry for shouting.

At this point I posted questioning what had happened to society?

It really got me thinking. Why are we so interested in quick fixes these days? When did it become the norm to eat what you want, get fat, then pay someone to cut you open, whip out your fat and sew you up skinny again? I'm being harsh on her I know. She had a baby so she's likely to weigh more now than she did before. But still. I've had babies and whilst I weight more than I'd like to, I have an OK diet but I do go to the gym a few times a week and I enjoy that I am fit. Yes, I'm not skinny by any means. I'm a size 14 and really want to get back into a 12, but I accept that will take hard work by me, and only me. I also held up Alyson as an amazing example of someone who has lost an outstanding amount of weight - a true inspiration to anyone else trying.

She ended up saying that she'd rather just have it done than try changing her (poor) diet and (no) exercise regime. Surely this will just be a waste of money then? If you can't be bothered to change when you need to then why would you change your diet once you were suddenly thin?

I appreciate that cosmetic procedures are necessary for some people and I'm not suggesting it shouldn't be available to those who need it. I just don't see why it appeals. For me, I couldn't ever imagine getting something like that, because what if something goes badly wrong, how could you ever forgive yourself for choosing to put yourself at risk?

Also, surely you couldn't have more children after a tummy tuck? Or is that just me being naive? This lady wants more children but clearly doesn't like being overweight.

What are your thoughts? Would you pay for a tummy tuck and take the easy option, over a good exercise regime and a healthy diet?


  1. I have to confess I would LOVE to have it done along with a WHOLE host of other things too, shallow.. probably, but after 3 c-sections and now with a great diet and decent exercise regime my joey pouch is going NOWHERE fast - its beyond ugly and visible through my clothes defining what I wear and cant wear. So I have to say I would do it if I could stretch to it, Ive worked so hard to feel better about myself that I would just see it as completing what i cant complete myself, surgery has done this to me, and if it can be tidied by surgery then so be it. As ever though your opinion is completely valid but I feel different about it

  2. @alysonsblog

    But you have worked hard to get to this point. She's not even willing to try. It's up to an individual ultimately but I think it's lazy to see it as a first port of call rather than changing diet or doing some exercise.

    If you've done those and you're still not happy then it's up to you but at least you've tried.

  3. I totally agree with you. Surgery is a great boost of confidence and life changing for many people`but to not even try? I think its silly for anyone to go ahead with surgery without changing their lifestyle, they'll be just as unhappy in time to come.
    I hope your friend can realise this, surgery is also a great risk but people often forget this too..

  4. its sad how people lose sight of how important it is to put in some hardwork to get the desired results. she may have the body that she wants but she needs to come to terms to that fact that she needs regular exercise and proper diet to maintain her results. suggests that to be a good candidate for cosmetic surgery you must have a healthy and realistic view about the procedure and its results.

  5. i think having cosmetic surgery more specifically tummy tuck procedures for mothers is a great decisions that any woman made. Though sometimes its difficult to understand their actions, however, their reasons are too familiar among mother's who wanted to look good and gain confidence about their body.

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