Toddlers: An Instruction Manual

Last week I received a fantastic e-mail - one which told me that a blog post I wrote has been published in a book. A real book. With pages and everything (it's also available on Kindle for those of you who don't do pages). 

I'll admit that the first thing I did was to call the frustrated writer (aka the husband) and have a little gloat. I'm a mean to him! You can read the post which was published here - it's the one with the complete toddler meltdown (luckily hasn't been seen since - the meltdown, not the toddler).

The book is called Toddlers: An Instruction Manual and is written by Joanne Mallon. She also writes a fabulous blog - have a look here.  What a great idea for a book. I mean, who doesn't need a manual for a toddler?

You can buy the book here on amazon. A percentage of the price is donated to Home-Start, one of the UK's leading family support charities, so you'll be helping out a charity if you purchase it.