Toys in the window

We have just had an absolutely massive clear out in our house. At least three bin bags of clothes and toys have gone to the charity shop and we have got rid of furniture to other family members. The house looks so much better for it.

Isn't it so frustrating that as soon as you get toys out to throw away, they then become the 'favourite' toys? The children played with them so nicely, as if they'd played with them every day and always loved them. However, once we'd wrestled the toys away and put them into bin bags, it was off to the charity shop with them.

Whenever I pass the charity shop though we see the children's toys in the window. I feel ridiculously guilty that we've given them away. Even though I know that they haven't played with them in ages, and they generally make loads of hideous noise. When the boy says 'I have one of those', I generally respond with, 'well, you did'! In fact, last week I went into the charity shop and saw a really nice top. I went over to have a look, before realising it was mine!

I also feel a bit guilty that I end up giving away the most annoying toys my children are given for Christmas/birthdays. Invariably they would be the toys they played with the most but my sanity (what's left of it) couldn't take it!

Ultimately though, whatever I give to the charity shop should help someone else. Another child will get to play with the toys and the charity will benefit from the money they get selling the toys.