Babyway Podium Toilet Seat Review

We were recently sent a Babyway Podium toilet seat with for the boy to try out. He had previously been using a stool and  the ledge next to the toilet to get up and sit on a plastic toilet seat.

When I first saw it, I thought it was a bit big and worried that it wouldn't fit on our toilet. However, even though we have a boxed-in pipe next to the toilet, it still managed to fit. It is incredibly easy to assemble, and instructions are provided. The feet at the bottom are rubber so they won't slip. The step is adjustable so you can lower it to a helpful level for your child.

The seat is padded so it is comfortable for your little one when they are getting used to sitting on a toilet.

It gives your child that little bit of independence, they don't need you to help them up and feel secure once they are sitting on the toilet.

There are handles at the top for your child to hold on to whilst they get up to the seat, and also whilst they are sitting down. My son is sporting his first ever plaster in this picture!

I think this is a brilliant product. It isn't as bulky as I had originally thought. It folds up so you can store it next to the toilet. The only down side is that you will also need a stool for washing hands, as this can't be used leaning on the sink. So that is another thing to clutter up your bathroom! However, for the confidence and ease of use it gives your child when using the toilet, it is a wonderful product.

The seat is on sale at the moment so grab yourself a bargain.

Disclaimer: We were sent a toilet seat in return for our opinions on the seat. We were able to keep the seat after the review.