The BiB Awards - can I count on your vote?

This feels completely wrong and rather alien to me, so I apologise if I'm not very good at this.

I'm writing to ask if you could nominate me for a BiB award. I have only been blogging properly for eight months (I wrote a one-off post in Sept 2010) and it is fair to say that I have loved every minute. I have discovered that I really like writing, I find that I question so much more in life and I constantly have new blog posts pinging around my head.

There are times when I honestly do struggle to find the time to write. When I have exams, essays or children's birthdays.

I enjoy writing about politics, and issues which affect us all on a day to day basis. This year I am attending BritMums Live in June, my first blogging conference and I really hope that I can learn an awful lot more.

I hope that you enjoy reading my blog, that you find it thought provoking, entertaining and interesting.

So, if you think that I deserve a BiB award in the Fresh Voices category, or any other for that matter, then please click on this link, or on the picture below.

Once again, sorry for the 'please vote for me' post. It felt eurgh to write it if it's any consolation!