Communication is essential!

My husband and I have been together for twelve years now. Nearly half of my life! We learnt early on that communication is essential to a relationship.

We were newly weds, heading from Yorkshire to London and then Mauritius for our honeymoon. Our train to Leeds was delayed. Our tickets for the train to London needed picking up before we got on the next train. We had exactly five minutes in order to collect the tickets and get on the train.

As we stood in the crowded train with our suitcases surrounding us, I told my husband that I would take our cases and get on the next train and meet him there after he had got the tickets. My husband told me that he would get the tickets and meet me on the platform our next train was on. We both thought the plans we had told each other were the ones we were sticking to.

I sat on the train with our cases wondering where my husband was and what was taking him so long.

He stood on the platform wondering where the hell I had got to.

I stood up and went to the door and pulled the window down. I stuck my head out and saw my husband on the platform at the far end of the the train. I shouted at him to get on, as the guard blew the whistle. I waved frantically and gestured at the door. He didn't see me.

The train pulled off and I went and sat next to our cases. Two minutes later my phone rang. My husband shouted 'Where are you?'. 'I'm on the train' I sobbed. 'You stupid b***h' he said'.

I got off the train at Wakefield and sat there sobbing until he arrived on another train half an hour later. Luckily the inspector took pity on us and didn't make us pay for our tickets to travel on a different train.

We sat down and talked about what we had thought each other was doing and how we had managed to get it so wrong! He apologised for shouting at me, he was just so frustrated at missing the train. Needless to say, by the time we got to London, we had decided that we would always talk through our plans and, most importantly, make sure we understood what each other is doing. OK, so we haven't always stuck to it and it's safe to say that any disagreements we have generally centre around lack of communication. But we do pretty well. I'm so pleased we went through this early on as it built a good base for the following eight years of marriage.

We had a wonderful honeymoon.

The train journey home went without a hitch!