Organix Veg and Oat Bars - Tomato and Carrot

We were recently sent a new product to try out by Organix. My son loves their snack bars, although, they are normally fruit based. I was interested to see whether or not he liked a savoury taste (before you start, yes, I know tomatoes are a fruit).
We were sent a six pack of vegetable and oat bars, these ones were tomato and carrot. I sent four with him to the childminder, eager to get the opinion of more than one child.

They were tried by children ranging from 11 months to 5 years. My son enjoyed them, he said that he liked the taste.  All the children who tried them really liked them. They all ate everything. The biggest fan though was my daughter who, at 11 months shouldn't really be eating them (it says not for under 12 months on the pack), but she was supervised, and she wolfed it down!

I have to say that I tried them too and wasn't at all keen. But they're not aimed at me, so I shall stop stealing the kids' food! 

The Organix range has a 'No Junk Promise'  which guarantees that their foods are safe, pure and nutritious and contain NO hidden nasties such as salt, starches and preservatives. You can give your child a snack knowing that what you are giving them is good for them. 

I would highly recommend these to Mums with toddlers. They make a fantastic snack. The childminder's daughter has apparently been asking her Mum to get some ever since she tried one!