The Photo Gallery: Friends

The Photo Gallery: Friends
Week 93

This picture sums up my friendship with two of my best friends. I am in the middle, with a yellow ribbon in my hair. To my left is my best friend Louise and to my right is my best friend Jimmie. We are at Wembley. At the 2010 play-off final between Oxford United and York City. The winner claiming a place in League Two. Needless to say, we won, 3-1. This is us after Oxford had scored the third goal!

I have been friends with Louise since I was 11, you can see my previous gallery post for a picture of the two of us back then! We met at school. At about 13 we both developed a huge, overwhelming, all-consuming addiction to Oxford United. I know. I know. There should be some kind of medication to help such addiction. But beer helps!

I 'met' a friend called Simon online, in an AOL chatroom in 1997. Back when that was pretty much all there was to the internet! We met in real life later that year, at an Oxford United match. He also brought his friend Jimmie, pictured above. 

The four of us were pretty inseparable for a few years, in spite of us all moving around, when Louise went to Uni and I left school and moved to London. They were all present at my wedding in 2003. Louise was my head bridesmaid. I am godmother to Louise's daughter, she is godmother to my children and Jimmie is godfather to my eldest.

We have all grown up and live in different areas. This weekend sees the joint birthday party of my two children. My daughter turns one and my son turns three. Louise and Jimmie will both be at the party.

I would drop everything for either of them. Indeed, I did when Louise had her daughter early, at 23 weeks. She will be five in a month! I don't speak to them as often as I like, or see them as often as I'd like. But we are always there for each other. And we will also always be Oxford United fans!