The Photo Gallery: Me Right Now

The Gallery - Week 89 - Me Right Now

Here is me right now. Ok, so it's not actually me, I'm taking the picture. But this is me. This is what I was doing when I read the photo gallery prompt this week. It's for my next philosophy essay, about moral relativity, which is more interesting than it sounds. 

In fact, looking the picture, I notice my tea is in a RAPt mug (Rehabilitating Addicted Prisoners Trust) with the tag line 'stopping addiction, stopping crime'. Ironically, I nicked this mug when I worked in HMP Leeds. It was the firm I used to work for, we had just been taken over by a new company and I wanted to remember the old one. Not sure how that ties in with morality, nicking things from a prison. I promise it was the only thing I ever stole from there. 

Honest Guv.