Thursday, 2 February 2012

Stuff the weight loss, I'm having fun

This week, after a great gym session, I thought to myself, stuff the weight loss, I'm having fun. By that, I mean that I'm having such a good time exercising more regularly that I actually don't care so much about weight loss. I know I have posted about my weight loss challenge and yes, I would love to lose another stone but I'm enjoying the benefits of exercising so much. I have more energy. I can mess about with the kids and dance around like a crazy fool. I can push a buggy with a nearly one year old and a buggy board with a nearly three year old up a hill and not get massively out of breath.

I had no idea I had any kind of capacity for exercise. Yes, I was good at sport at school. I played badminton for Oxfordshire but I only ever made it as far as the C team in netball. Since I left school I have had a brief dalliance with a gym, when I worked in prison, but other than that, I haven't exercised. Bad form? Yes. Common? Yes.

So I guess this is the first time since leaving school over *coughs* fourteen years ago that I have had a proper exercise routine.
And I love it! I really, really love it. I'm enjoying going to the gym. Yes, I am a sadist. But it feels so good knowing that you're doing yourself some good. I really have far more energy and I just feel so much more alive. Although I have had my moments, as you've seen with my exercise fail!

Last week, after a particularly invigorating run, I signed up for the ballot for the Great North Run. I really hope I get a place because, for once in my life, I feel like I could actually complete it!

So, I'm watching what I eat but only in that I've cut down on chocolate, crisps and cakes. Other than that, I'm not counting calories and I refuse not to eat carbs. As I said before, I'd love to lose some more weight, but I'm so happy with my new exercise regime and I intend to keep it up for as long as I can.


  1. Well done!I think that if you do exercise regularly you can eat what you want to a certain extent, because even when you're not working out your body is working more efficiently overall. That's what I like to think anyway!

    1. Thank you. I had no idea I'd enjoy it so much.

  2. Good for you! I fancy going to a gym but lack the motivation.

    I go to zumba twice a week but go with friends so we all push each other and I'm less likely to not bother going!

    How often do you go to the gym?

    1. I used to love going to Zumba. They changed the time of the class here so I can't get there now. I go to the gym once a week and swim once a week. Not a lot but it's working! I'm also walking loads more when I'm on campus (three days a week).


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